Moose Monday

Hello everyone. It's Moose Monday!

This guy has been making a splash in local ponds recently. He is one of at least 3 bulls that I've seen in the area in the past few weeks. As their diet changes in the spring, so does the shape and consistency of their droppings and for this reason, is often mistaken for bear scat, which there is also an abundance of right now.



"Give 'em a Brake"

"Give moose a 'brake'" is the slogan we're accustomed to seeing on Alaska highways. Rounding a curve and meeting one of these giants could end poorly for both parties, and they do not always yield the right of way. 

Just a reminder on this Wednesday to watch for moose, and all wildlife, that we often share the roads with. 




Signed & Numbered Lynx Prints with 2020 Aurora Calendar

It's been a monumental week here at CTP after returning from an adventurous month in Cuba - my Facebook page just surpassed 4,000 likes, thanks in large part to the lynx photos I've shared over the past few days! I'm also happy to announce that I landed a photo in the 2020 Aurora Borealis Calendar from Todd Communications. I've had some inquiries about purchasing copies of the lynx photos so I am making an offer for the first ten Artist Proofs of two different photos, signed and numbered, "Sitting Lynx" and "Yoga Lynx" - a 12x18" glossy print AND a signed aurora calendar (my photo is on the month of January) for $95 OR you can get both lynx prints and a calendar for $170.

Below are the links for the lynx😄😄 - click the title or the image to reach my online store. Thank you all for following my journeys, sharing my photos, and allowing me to continue to do what I do. Feel free to share this email!


Sitting Lynx

Super Blood Wolf Moon

There was a pretty cool event in the sky last night. Hopefully you got to witness the "Super Blood Wolf Moon" lunar eclipse. If not, the next one takes place in 2037. 

Happy Monday! Have a great week out there, wherever you are. 


Eclipse Collage copy.jpg

November Auroras

It was a beautiful night to be out under the stars. After a couple days of waiting, the geomagnetic storm arrived later than anticipated last night but the lights actually kicked up much earlier in the evening than I had expected. I was scrambling to get ready but made it out for the second wave of activity.

Happy Monday!



First Snowfall of the Season

Can a snowflake carve a valley? Today is a good day to ask this question. The answer is yes, with enough snowflakes and enough time to form a glacier.

Our first snowfall of the season has delivered more than a foot thus far and it's still coming down. Now I am contemplating whether to risk life & limb on these roads to get my skis out of storage...

Happy Monday!



Alaska Day 2018

Happy Alaska Day! Today marks the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States in 1867 under Secretary of State William H. Seward. What was once referred to as "Seward's Folly" and "Seward's Icebox" has proven to be one of our nation's greatest investments. Here is an aerial view of Anchorage - our state's largest city but not our capitol. 




Bold Peak, Lynx Photos, And Cuba

Bold Peak in all its autumn glory. Happy Monday out there! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm getting around to editing through more of my recent aerial photos. I'm glad I got out when I did as most of this vibrant color has since faded.

Reminder that I still have signed & numbered 12x18" lynx photos available (along with a signed 2019 aurora borealis calendar, both for $95):…/signed-amp-numbered-12x18-lynx… February photo tour in Cuba is full and it looks like I may add a second tour that will begin on February 16 or 17! More details on the Cuba tour here:




Rise & Shine!

Good morning from Eagle River Valley, Alaska. Have a great weekend out there, wherever you are, and thank you for following my adventures.

Remember that next Saturday, October 6, is the October Nights: 22nd Annual Auction Fundraiser for the Friends of Eagle River Nature Center, where I reside. If you'd like to attend this event and help support the Nature Center and the various services we provide, follow the link above for ticket information. There will be a variety of items for both live and silent auction, including two spots on my February 2019 Cuba Photo Tour. Aside from these two spaces in the auction, there is only one spot left on the tour so please contact me if you are interested in exploring Cuba with me this February!



Black Bear Family

Yesterday I had the privilege of observing a sow black bear with two little spring cubs feeding in a cottonwood tree. The cubs were learning to break off branches and eat the seeds, discarding each branch after it was stripped clean. I watched them for nearly 3 hours from a respectful distance until they descended and moved on. Perhaps most encouraging was the fact that fellow human observers were keeping a safe distance as well - nobody approached the tree or let their dogs run loose, which is much appreciated by the staff here at the Nature Center but most of all, by the bears. 🐻



2019 Aurora Borealis Calendar

Hello friends. While the aurora-viewing season is drawing to a close, I am happy to announce that I landed a photo in the 2019 Aurora Borealis Calendar from Todd Communications of Anchorage. I have them available for purchase here: 

My image, taken at the Eagle River Nature Center (Alaska), is on the month of March, which I will sign for you. If you are purchasing as a gift, I am happy to include a birthday or holiday greeting on a specific date for the recipient, just send me an email with the details. For the record, the photo was actually taken on Mother's Day, May 8, 2016.$20 includes shipping. 



2019 Aurora Calendar.jpg

Browsing Around Anchorage

“Can I help you?”

“No thanks, I’m just browsing.”

Taken during a heavy snowfall in Anchorage yesterday. Moose are common in residential and urban areas throughout Alaska, where they are often observed feeding, resting, sometimes even birthing calves. They are also famous for consistently ignoring traffic signs, so “Give them a brake” as the saying goes and if you don’t like the way they roam, then stay off the sidewalks.



Spring Breakup

Between the rainy weather and spending some time in Anchorage recently, I haven't been out on the trails or the river much the past couple of weeks. Today, I found myself back home at the Nature Center and the weather was spectacular so I went out for a good hike. The river is ever changing in all times of year; perhaps the most dramatic is the ice breakup in springtime.

The American Dipper

If there's one species you can count on seeing in the waters near the Eagle River Nature Center just about any day of the year, it's the dipper, or water ouzel. They are quick moving, jittery little birds that bob up and down when they stand in one place and dive into ice cold water in search of fish eggs, salmon fry or aquatic insects to feed on. I photographed this dipper earlier today while tracking a pair of river otters, the muted colors reflected in the water created a nice background.