Road Trippin' to Fairbanks

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a road trip to Fairbanks, so I had to make a detour into Denali National Park on the way, where I came upon this antler-less bull moose browsing. He should be growing a new set of antlers anytime now.

Let's hope the aurora/weather forecast holds true while I'm in Fairbanks this week, tomorrow night could be good!


I've been catching up on some long overdue editing recently, perusing thousands of images from the past year and narrowing down the list of keepers. It's always fun to look back on your experiences and recall what was going through your mind or what you were feeling at that moment. A picture may be worth a thousand words but when you have a personal connection to an image, it holds memories and emotions as well.

Here are two photos I came across from this past fall. The bear was taken at the Nature Center in October and the bull moose was in Denali National Park in September. Thank you all for continuing to follow along and share my page, which just passed 1,600 likes today (unsponsored) - not bad for being launched less than a year ago! As always, I'll do my best to keep exploring and sharing.