Fata Morgana

North America's tallest mountain, Denali, was glowing in low angle afternoon light yesterday. This was taken approximately 130 miles from the base and you can see why it is the steepest vertical rise in the world, ascending from sea level to more than 20,000 feet in that relatively short distance. The mirage at the base of the mountain, known as Fata Morgana, is caused by warm air settling over the top of a colder, denser air mass, resulting in an atmospheric duct that acts as a refracting lens.

There's a bit science to start your day. As always, thank you for following along!



Aurora Photography Classes

Hello friends! Soon we will be entering what is typically the best season for viewing aurora borealis – late winter/spring. Even though we are currently in a solar minimum and activity is lower, we still get some nice displays here in Alaska. I offer a class on nighttime/aurora photography every year at the Eagle River Nature Center and since it usually fills quickly, I’ve decided to offer two classes this year on consecutive Saturdays - March 16 & March 23. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about night sky photography, please follow the links for more information and to register. Cost is $75 and each class is limited to 10 people. 

March 16: https://www.ernc.org/courses/nighttime-aurora-photography

March 23: https://www.ernc.org/courses/nighttime-aurora-photography-1

I can’t guarantee auroras but I can promise that you’ll learn some good techniques for exposing and focusing at night as well as tracking auroral activity.

Thank you and feel free to share!


Self portrait under the aurora. Taken at the public use cabin, Eagle River Nature Center, AK.

Self portrait under the aurora. Taken at the public use cabin, Eagle River Nature Center, AK.

March 2018 Aurora Borealis Class, Eagle River Nature Center, AK.

March 2018 Aurora Borealis Class, Eagle River Nature Center, AK.

New Camera!

One thing about these cold snaps, they sure make for a peaceful winter scene. We're gaining over two minutes of light each day now and soon the sun will return to this part of the valley, a welcome relief after being in the shade since late November. 

And with the New Year came a new camera body. This image was taken with my new Nikon D850! I am happy to add this to my arsenal, although 60 MB files will force me to be more selective when shooting or my hard drive is going to fill quickly...

Happy Tuesday!



Happy 2019!

For a year that began with no travel plans, 2018 quickly turned into one of my most adventuresome thus far. February found me in Cuba 🇨🇺 for the first time, which set the stage for further spontaneous and far-flung excursions including the Big Island of Hawaii to photograph the Kilauea Volcano eruption, Washington state for a yoga 🧘‍♂️ retreat, and finally a quick visit to Iceland 🇮🇸 in September. I look forward to the magic that 2019 will bring in the way of new experiences and explorations. 

May your intentions manifest in the New Year and as always, thank you for following along!


PS – I can still add one more person or possibly a couple to my second Cuba Photo Tour, which begins in Havana on Saturday, February 16, 2019. Details here: https://www.colintyler.com/phototours-and-classes/. Please message me if you are interested.

2018 copy.jpg

Happy Winter Solstice 2018

Today marks the moment that the pendulum swings back toward the light, gradually bringing longer days to the Northern Hemisphere. This image was created last year on this date. I've been watching the sky this morning in hopes of another colorful sunrise to bring in the season but alas, it is not to be. Nevertheless, I was able to honor the darkness and return of the light at one my favorite places last night, Namaste North Yoga Studio, by performing a total of 108 sun salutations, alternating in all four directions. My body is sore today but my spirit is strong. This is my New Year. This is my reset. Now is the time break free of resistance and allow the journey to unfold.

Happy Winter Solstice 2018!



Short Winter Video

There's something magical in the solitude of a quiet winter day, with only the sound of water rushing past. We've gotten another 6 inches of fresh snow and it's still falling. I was able to put a few miles on my skis today and explore the video features of the Nikon D750. I am by no means calling myself a videographer, but please enjoy a few seconds of solace.


New Snow

It's starting to look more like winter in the valley and was great to get out on my skis yesterday for the first time this season. Looks like we got a few more inches overnight to boot! Have a great week out there and remember I am running specials on both canvas (20% off) and metal prints (10% off) at my online store: https://www.colintyler.com/online-store/




Five days later and we're still shaking...

With such a serene setting, it's tough to believe that the ground is rumbling beneath us but we still have occasional reminders in the form of aftershocks that the earth has not yet settled after last Friday's big quake. Some of the aftershocks have registered at 5.0, which would be a decent earthquake in its own right. Schools and other buildings are still being inspected for damage while bridges and roads are quickly being repaired and life is resuming in Alaska. 

Happy Humpday!




Hello everyone! Checking in from Eagle River, Alaska. We had a powerful earthquake this morning. Thankfully, the Eagle River Nature Center is still standing. There is a lot to clean up - broken glass, sheetrock dust, items that fell from shelves, tiles that were literally shaken loose from the bathroom wall. We are without power and I have no idea how long that will last. Apparently there is a lot of damage to roads and bridges in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley. I took a short walk earlier to observe the avalanches & rock slides that resulted from the shakes. The river and creek are both murky from sediment that was shaken up, sheets of ice have broken apart and the aftershocks continue to rumble. The first photo here shows a large slide below Eagle Peak.

I would like to thank everyone for checking in with me, I do appreciate your concern. So far it seems that the loss has been to property rather than life.

Much love,



Hello from Minnesota!

Hello from Minnesota! While it's balmy & raining in Alaska, winter has arrived early in my home state where everybody, including Alvin here, is stocking up for the season ahead.

I'll be back in Alaska next week and hopefully the winter wonderland will return with me. Until then, I will be soaking up the homeland and making lefse with Mom!



Vote for More Auroras!

Good morning, America, how are you? Today is Election Day, so be sure to cast your ballot and when you do, vote for more auroras! Here are a few more images from Sunday night/Monday morning's display, taken at the the Eagle River Nature Center.

I am getting ready to travel to Minnesota later this week. If you are in the Minneapolis area, I will be working two travel shows with KB Tambo Travel & KB Cuba. The Star Tribune Vacation & Travel Experience is this Saturday & Sunday at the Minneapolis Convention Center and the second show is the Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Expo on Nov. 17 & 18. Please stop by if you are in the area. I'll be promoting KB's tour packages and hopefully filling the remaining spots in my second February 2019 Cuba Photo Tour (https://www.colintyler.com/phototours-and-classes/). I have 4 people registered for the second tour and the first tour is full, so if you are interested in joining me in Cuba, please contact me ASAP!




November Auroras

It was a beautiful night to be out under the stars. After a couple days of waiting, the geomagnetic storm arrived later than anticipated last night but the lights actually kicked up much earlier in the evening than I had expected. I was scrambling to get ready but made it out for the second wave of activity.

Happy Monday!



Snowy Eagle

I had a visitor on my snowy walk yesterday - I observed this bald eagle for more than an hour in our freshly winterized wonderland, snapping frames when I could and waiting for the right moment. Focusing can be difficult in heavy snow as the lens will often pick up on the large flakes rather than your subject but thankfully I caught this takeoff while maintaining a sharp focus on the eagle.

Have a great day out there and remember to soar!



First Snowfall of the Season

Can a snowflake carve a valley? Today is a good day to ask this question. The answer is yes, with enough snowflakes and enough time to form a glacier.

Our first snowfall of the season has delivered more than a foot thus far and it's still coming down. Now I am contemplating whether to risk life & limb on these roads to get my skis out of storage...

Happy Monday!



Alaska Day 2018

Happy Alaska Day! Today marks the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States in 1867 under Secretary of State William H. Seward. What was once referred to as "Seward's Folly" and "Seward's Icebox" has proven to be one of our nation's greatest investments. Here is an aerial view of Anchorage - our state's largest city but not our capitol. 




Eagle River Rainbow

If you were driving north on the Glenn Highway yesterday afternoon, your commute may have been a bit more magical. Judging from this week's weather forecast, there should be plenty more “magic” (rain) in the days ahead...

Have a great Wednesday out there and thanks for riding along! 



Bold Peak, Lynx Photos, And Cuba

Bold Peak in all its autumn glory. Happy Monday out there! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm getting around to editing through more of my recent aerial photos. I'm glad I got out when I did as most of this vibrant color has since faded.

Reminder that I still have signed & numbered 12x18" lynx photos available (along with a signed 2019 aurora borealis calendar, both for $95): https://www.colintyler.com/…/signed-amp-numbered-12x18-lynx…

And...my February photo tour in Cuba is full and it looks like I may add a second tour that will begin on February 16 or 17! More details on the Cuba tour here: https://www.colintyler.com/phototours-and-classes/