Eagle Peak Sunsets

We've now passed 13 hours of daylight in south central Alaska. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the season (and the light) changes this time of year. These photos of Eagle Peak at sunset were taken 3 weeks apart. Soon the north face of the mountain (pictured here) will be completely bathed in light as the sun sets on the northern horizon. For comparison, this side of the mountain doesn't get any direct sun during the late fall and winter months. Have a great weekend everybody, get out and chase the light!


My Side of the Mountain

Until very recently, the sun had not shone on these slopes since sometime in mid-autumn.  Even if the negative temperatures don’t signal change, spring truly is in the air. Since December 21 of last year, the amount of daylight has literally doubled and we are gaining in leaps and bounds from now until summer, when the pendulum of light will begin to swing the other way again.  With the cold, clear skies we’ve had, the evening light on Eagle Peak and surrounding mountains has been pristine.