Short Winter Video

There's something magical in the solitude of a quiet winter day, with only the sound of water rushing past. We've gotten another 6 inches of fresh snow and it's still falling. I was able to put a few miles on my skis today and explore the video features of the Nikon D750. I am by no means calling myself a videographer, but please enjoy a few seconds of solace.


New Snow

It's starting to look more like winter in the valley and was great to get out on my skis yesterday for the first time this season. Looks like we got a few more inches overnight to boot! Have a great week out there and remember I am running specials on both canvas (20% off) and metal prints (10% off) at my online store:





Hello everyone! Checking in from Eagle River, Alaska. We had a powerful earthquake this morning. Thankfully, the Eagle River Nature Center is still standing. There is a lot to clean up - broken glass, sheetrock dust, items that fell from shelves, tiles that were literally shaken loose from the bathroom wall. We are without power and I have no idea how long that will last. Apparently there is a lot of damage to roads and bridges in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley. I took a short walk earlier to observe the avalanches & rock slides that resulted from the shakes. The river and creek are both murky from sediment that was shaken up, sheets of ice have broken apart and the aftershocks continue to rumble. The first photo here shows a large slide below Eagle Peak.

I would like to thank everyone for checking in with me, I do appreciate your concern. So far it seems that the loss has been to property rather than life.

Much love,



Aerial View of Eagle River Valley

A bird's eye view of Eagle River Valley and Glacier Lake (the source of Eagle River). Last night I flew with a local pilot friend of mine to take some aerial of the valley where I live. It's always fascinating to see this area from a different perspective. Clouds were building over the mountains, blocking the direct sunlight over the areas I most wanted to photograph, so we will probably fly again in the next few days before the fall color is gone. Have a great Wednesday out there and thank you for following along!



Snow Day

Hello friends,

I haven’t posted in a while and to be honest, the rain, icy trails, and overall lack of winter have left me a bit uninspired. More importantly though, life takes place offline, which is exactly why I decided to disconnect and get outside today. With steady snowfall and temps hovering around 0˚F, it is finally starting to look (and feel) like winter in the valley again. If this continues I should be back out on my skis soon!

Have a great weekend out there, wherever you are in the world.





Frozen Salmon

I walked out to one of my favorite spots along the river this morning. Surprised to find it nearly frozen solid, I decided it was an opportunity to turn my camera away from the big scene and take a closer look at the rapidly changing river. As a true testament to the season, frost flowers have returned and there was a salmon completely encased in ice.

Have a great Monday out there!



Foggy, Frosty, Monochrome Morning

Not all the world is a sunny day and with apologies to Paul Simon, not everything looks worse in black and white. It's been quite foggy in the valley the past few days, creating an ethereal mood in the frosty mornings that is perfect for monochrome images.

Also, if you venture out to the Eagle River Nature Center, the Albert Loop Trail has reopened for the season, which is where I took this earlier. The glacier has stopped melting and you will notice how the water is clearing as the silt is carried downstream. 

Happy Friday, have a great weekend out there!