Fat Bear Week

In honor of Katmai National Park & Preserve's "Fat Bear Week" here are a few images of rather large bruins taken around Brooks Camp in 1999 and 2002. In preparation for winter's slumber, brown bears can consume up to 90 pounds of food per day during this time of year, known as hyperphagia, in order to fatten up for months of fasting ahead wherein they can lose up to one third of their body weight.

So, an overweight bear is a healthy bear and a sign of a properly functioning ecosystem!





Sweet Face

How can you resist a face like this? Such a feminine pose - chin down, head tilted, ear back, she's a natural model and simultaneously a fierce protector of her cub and their fishing grounds. I observed and photographed this sow and her then first-year cub on many occasions last fall, so it's great to see them back for another season. With other adult brown bears in the area, hopefully territorial disputes won't turn ugly.



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Cyber Monday 2017

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_CTB8261 copy.jpg

Morning Brown Bear Cub

Occasionally, if your mind is in the right place, opportunities are presented when subject and light briefly collide. After the moment has passed you may find yourself short of breath, reeling from the exhilaration, knowing that you captured the moment perfectly and no matter how many times you go back and look at the image, scanning for details of exposure and clarity, you nailed it.

When the universe provides such a moment, I am grateful for the experience first and the images second. Given a choice of responding with either ego or gratitude, I will always choose gratitude.



My Most Popular Image of 2016

On a frosty morning last October I set out with the intention of creating an image that would give my page a boost - I had a slide show & print sale coming up and my trip to Australia was just a few weeks away. Knowing the light pattern in the valley and the habits of this particular bear, I had envisioned an image in my mind’s eye, capturing it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time – timing is everything, after all. When I saw the bear in the distance that morning, I instantly had a feeling that a unique opportunity would be presented. After fine-tuning my exposure and checking camera settings, I positioned myself and composed in anticipation of this brief moment, which became my most popular image of 2016.  In addition to giving my page a boost, this photograph made my trip to Australia much more feasible, proving once again that timing is everything.

This bear now adorns the walls of several homes and is also on page 13 in the current issue of Alaska Magazine. I am forever grateful for being in the right place with the right light at the perfect moment.  Here’s looking forward to more moments like this in the New Year. As always, thank you for following along and supporting me, allowing me to continue to explore this big, beautiful world and share my experiences. All the best for 2017 and beyond!




Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Bear Print with 2017 Aurora Borealis Calendar

Hello friends,

My recent morning bear photos have been getting quite a bit of attention online. One of them received more than 8,000 likes on Alaska Magazine's page and I am happy to say this image is currently one of the most popular photographs trending on National Geographic Your Shot. In light of this, I have decided to make a very special, limited offer. I am going to release the very first ten prints on 12x18" metallic finish paper, signed and numbered, for $75.

In addition to the limited edition print, I will include a personalized 2017 Aurora Borealis Calendar, a $20 value. My photo is on the month of February, which I will sign for you, and the rest of the calendar showcases the work of 12 other photographers from Alaska and northern Canada. Every purchase helps fund my next adventure and allows me to continue exploring, creating and sharing with the world. Follow the link to make a purchase and please share: http://www.colintyler.com/…/signed-and-numbered-autumn-sunr…

As always, thank you for following along!


Autumn Morning Bear

A conceptual photograph involves much more than simply documenting a subject. When I am able to combine the elements to convey the mood of a scene and evoke an emotional response from my viewers, then I have succeeded in creating a truly artistic image.
Another crisp morning to start the day. In just over a month, the sun will drop behind the mountains and we will be in the shade until late January. I am going to miss this autumn light and most of all, this bear.

Early Morning Reflected Light

It is true that the early bird gets the worm; this is why I love early morning autumn solitude. Living in a valley where the sun does not reach until late morning, I've learned to use reflected light on my subjects, which, in my opinion, can be more dramatic than direct light. Knowing this, I was able to position myself in anticipation of capturing this moment.