My Most Popular Image of 2016

On a frosty morning last October I set out with the intention of creating an image that would give my page a boost - I had a slide show & print sale coming up and my trip to Australia was just a few weeks away. Knowing the light pattern in the valley and the habits of this particular bear, I had envisioned an image in my mind’s eye, capturing it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time – timing is everything, after all. When I saw the bear in the distance that morning, I instantly had a feeling that a unique opportunity would be presented. After fine-tuning my exposure and checking camera settings, I positioned myself and composed in anticipation of this brief moment, which became my most popular image of 2016.  In addition to giving my page a boost, this photograph made my trip to Australia much more feasible, proving once again that timing is everything.

This bear now adorns the walls of several homes and is also on page 13 in the current issue of Alaska Magazine. I am forever grateful for being in the right place with the right light at the perfect moment.  Here’s looking forward to more moments like this in the New Year. As always, thank you for following along and supporting me, allowing me to continue to explore this big, beautiful world and share my experiences. All the best for 2017 and beyond!