Spring in the Valley

Hello and happy Monday, friends! Seems I’ve been wrapped up in some major spring-cleaning and other demanding projects and haven’t posted in a while. In that time, Eagle River Valley has gone from showing the last traces of winter to an explosion of color and wildlife. I’ve been getting out for brief hikes here & there and to catch the last bit of late evening light, but yesterday I met up with a friend and went for a nice 9-mile trek. I was fortunate enough to capture a rare, white calypso orchid while it was still in bloom, spot a couple of black bears, and witness many signs of the oncoming season. The sun is now setting after 11 pm and the valley is full of life.  I look forward to chasing more light during the long days ahead.




Ferns, Then & Now

Spring comes on quickly in these parts and if you don't pay attention, it will slip right past you. Last year I missed the opportunity to photograph fiddlehead ferns, it seemed as though I blinked and suddenly they were three feet tall. This year I kept a closer eye on the forest floor and captured a few shots of the ferns in their fiddlehead stage. Yesterday I went back to take a look at them and this is how much they've grown in just three weeks!