Signed & Numbered Lynx Prints with 2020 Aurora Calendar

It's been a monumental week here at CTP after returning from an adventurous month in Cuba - my Facebook page just surpassed 4,000 likes, thanks in large part to the lynx photos I've shared over the past few days! I'm also happy to announce that I landed a photo in the 2020 Aurora Borealis Calendar from Todd Communications. I've had some inquiries about purchasing copies of the lynx photos so I am making an offer for the first ten Artist Proofs of two different photos, signed and numbered, "Sitting Lynx" and "Yoga Lynx" - a 12x18" glossy print AND a signed aurora calendar (my photo is on the month of January) for $95 OR you can get both lynx prints and a calendar for $170.

Below are the links for the lynx😄😄 - click the title or the image to reach my online store. Thank you all for following my journeys, sharing my photos, and allowing me to continue to do what I do. Feel free to share this email!


Sitting Lynx

More Lynx Poses

Here are a couple more lynx photos from last Sunday - “Resting Lynx Face” and “Yoga Lynx.” Fun fact: Many yoga poses were learned (and named) from observing animals. Here a lynx demonstrates a nearly perfect "Downward Dog" pose. If I were to critique this lynx, I'd say drop the shoulders, lower the head, and keep pushing those hips toward the sky!



Resting Lynx Face

Resting Lynx Face

Yoga Lynx

Yoga Lynx

Welcome Home Lynx

No matter where my travels take me, it's always nice to return to Alaska and even nicer to be welcomed home by one of my favorite animals. We had some lynx activity over the weekend - what appeared to be an adult male (pictured here) who was trailing an adult female with two kits in hopes of mating. So far she seems to have resisted his advances.

Happy Monday!



Happy 2019!

For a year that began with no travel plans, 2018 quickly turned into one of my most adventuresome thus far. February found me in Cuba 🇨🇺 for the first time, which set the stage for further spontaneous and far-flung excursions including the Big Island of Hawaii to photograph the Kilauea Volcano eruption, Washington state for a yoga 🧘‍♂️ retreat, and finally a quick visit to Iceland 🇮🇸 in September. I look forward to the magic that 2019 will bring in the way of new experiences and explorations. 

May your intentions manifest in the New Year and as always, thank you for following along!


PS – I can still add one more person or possibly a couple to my second Cuba Photo Tour, which begins in Havana on Saturday, February 16, 2019. Details here: Please message me if you are interested.

2018 copy.jpg

One More Lynx Photo...

Good afternoon from Eagle River Valley, AK. Hope everyone had a great weekend out there! I've been saving the best for last - here is my favorite lynx photo from last week. This certainly was a fortunate encounter and one I will always treasure. With the high numbers of lynx right meow, hopefully there will be more to come!

As always, thank you for following along and feel free to share my site with your friends. 



Rise & Shine!

Good morning from Eagle River Valley, Alaska. Have a great weekend out there, wherever you are, and thank you for following my adventures.

Remember that next Saturday, October 6, is the October Nights: 22nd Annual Auction Fundraiser for the Friends of Eagle River Nature Center, where I reside. If you'd like to attend this event and help support the Nature Center and the various services we provide, follow the link above for ticket information. There will be a variety of items for both live and silent auction, including two spots on my February 2019 Cuba Photo Tour. Aside from these two spaces in the auction, there is only one spot left on the tour so please contact me if you are interested in exploring Cuba with me this February!




Yesterday I certainly had one of my more fortunate encounters as a wildlife photographer. Lynx are very elusive creatures, yet they are also curious (that's the feline nature), so if they are comfortable and want to show themselves, they will. I actually had one sneak into my campsite in Denali National Park, lie down next to my tent and watch me while I was eating dinner. With the cyclical increase in snowshoe hare populations, lynx numbers are also rising and sightings are becoming more common. I will have more to share in the days ahead.