Alaska Magazine Spread

Starting with the festivities at Salmonfest 2019 this past weekend, it seems that salmon is the theme this time of year! If you pick up a copy of the September issue of Alaska Magazine, you will see one of my photos of canned salmon on pages 12 & 13. The motif is "Harvest" and I was happy to land an image on a two-page spread. Alaska Magazine is a great read for locals and visitors alike and a wonderful resource for planning trips in AK. For more information and subscriptions, visit their website:

Thank you and have a great day out there!



Frozen Salmon

I walked out to one of my favorite spots along the river this morning. Surprised to find it nearly frozen solid, I decided it was an opportunity to turn my camera away from the big scene and take a closer look at the rapidly changing river. As a true testament to the season, frost flowers have returned and there was a salmon completely encased in ice.

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The "Lucky" Few

It's that time of year again when the (normally) fresh mountain air holds a tinge of decaying salmon. On average, out of 4,000 salmon eggs laid only two adults will return to their birthplace to spawn. This is one of the "lucky" few that were strong enough to endure a lifespan that included a few years at sea running a gauntlet of predators that includes seals, orcas, fishermen, and finally, bears. Hopefully this male was able to contribute to a future generation of sockeyes before becoming a meal for a hungry brown bear

It's also a good time of year to be aware of your surroundings when traveling in the backcountry and avoid succumbing to the circle of life just yet.