Ethereality is my Reality

"Ethereality is my reality."

Here are two more photos from Monday's ski trek in Portage Valley. I'd wanted to hike up to Byron Glacier to explore the ice caves but with the recent snow slides on either side of the valley and all the wind-packed snow, avalanche danger was too high to risk going up there. Better to be safe than sorry, as they say, and live to create another day!




September came on with a vengeance and now it has nearly passed. When the first dustings of snow arrived above 6,000 feet, I assumed it would quickly melt. Instead, it continued to accumulate, hopefully a sign of a snowy winter ahead. Have a great weekend out there, wherever you are!

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Crescent Moon & Venus

"Counting stars by candlelight, all are dim but one is bright;

The spiral light of Venus, rising first and shining best,

On, from the northwest corner, of a brand new crescent moon,

While crickets and cicadas sing, a rare and different tune,

Terrapin station." (Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia)

This was taken just a few minutes ago over Eagle Peak, Chugach State Park. If you have clear skies right now you should be able to see the crescent moon and Venus on the southwestern horizon.