KTVA Channel 11 News Story

It's not often that I find myself in front of a camera but when I do, I like to show off my backyard. Many thanks to KTVA 11 News for this wonderful segment on the Eagle River Nature Center. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Have a great weekend and remember to get out & explore! I am headed out to a part of Prince William Sound that I have never been to. I hope to return with images and stories to share. As always, thank you for following along and feel free to share my site with your friends.  Follow the link below to watch the segment.



_CTB7666 copy.jpg

Aurora Photography Class, March 2018

Last night's aurora photography class was a success! Thank you to everyone who attended. We had the best night of auroras this valley has seen in months, proving once again that timing is everything. I didn't get too many images since I was assisting people and making sure my attendees were capturing the display but I did take a few of everybody in action. We even witnessed the auroral arc that, for some reason, the Canadian scientific community has dubbed "Steve." I do not have another class scheduled for this season but I am always available for individual and group instruction.




Here Comes the Sun Time-Lapse

Here comes the sun!! After a two-month absence, sunlight has returned to our little corner of Eagle River Valley. I created this time-lapse around noon today, approximately 25 minutes and 288 images condensed into a 12-second clip.

This is the first time I’ve shared a time-lapse video and speaking of firsts, I am going to be visiting a new part of the world in just a couple weeks.  I haven’t announced where I am going, just know that: 1) It is a tropical destination; 2) It is outside the US; and 3) I have not been there before. That being said, it is not a beach vacation but more of a cultural immersion, so please stay tuned and as always, thank you for following along!



September came on with a vengeance and now it has nearly passed. When the first dustings of snow arrived above 6,000 feet, I assumed it would quickly melt. Instead, it continued to accumulate, hopefully a sign of a snowy winter ahead. Have a great weekend out there, wherever you are!

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Journey Through the Rain

It's amazing what a little bit of fill flash can do for a photo on a dreary day! We began our hike in the pouring rain on Monday, but didn't let that dampen our spirits. Freija was not deterred in the least, she kept leading the way, carrying her own food in her little Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack. This was taken at The Perch, 4 miles into our journey from the Eagle River Nature Center on the Iditarod Historical Trail. Thanks again to my good friend Tyler Howie for bringing such a great hiking companion!

Glacier Lake

Glacier Lake - the headwaters of Eagle River. This was the final destination on our trek into the valley. The glacier is visible in the background, roughly 2-3 miles from this point. Originally, Tyler Howie and I planned to hike the Crow Pass Trail over from Girdwood but a portion of the trail is currently closed due to a dead moose lying next to the trail, which creates a potentially dangerous situation if a bear should be guarding the kill. Instead, we decided to hike from the Friends of Eagle River Nature Center, where I reside, up to the lake and back.

Sunset Moon

Last night's sunset moon, taken at approximately 11:15 pm. These are the longest days of the year - after next Tuesday, June 21, we will slowly start losing daylight, going from almost 19 hours of daylight to less than 6 hours by December 21. This time of year is exhausting for those of use who chase light, even the moon appeared to be taking a rest on the mountain.

Golden Hour

Capturing the golden hour requires more than just showing up at the right time of day. You have to pick the right day, during the right time of year, when the atmospheric elements combine to create a quality of light so warm and soothing that it actually nourishes. So much that suddenly it’s approaching 10 pm and you realize that you haven’t eaten dinner, and despite your intentions of being home earlier in the evening to try and accomplish any number of tasks, somehow you just couldn’t pull yourself away from the light.