Farewell, Washington!

Farewell, Washington! I've had a wonderful time here, both at the yoga retreat in Gig Harbor and also visiting friends while exploring a new part of the world but as always, I look forward to returning home to Alaska. The air has been filled with smoke & haze from wildfires in the Pacific Northwest recently but thankfully the last couple of days have been better and we were treated to a nice sunset & moonrise on Whidbey Island last night. Until next time!




Moose, Swans, and Moon

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the light is gone. A few nights back I was photographing the swans at sunset when a moose walked onto the scene. I was hoping that the swans and the moose would line up in the frame but that seemed like I was asking for the moon when, lo and behold, the moon showed up too.

I stuck around until the light was too low to continue shooting, watching them feed together - their faces just inches apart at times, possibly foraging the same aquatic vegetation. It made me think, this interspecies harmony could be a lesson for mankind.

Happy Monday, everybody. Have a great week and be peaceful to one another.


Sunset Moon

Last night's sunset moon, taken at approximately 11:15 pm. These are the longest days of the year - after next Tuesday, June 21, we will slowly start losing daylight, going from almost 19 hours of daylight to less than 6 hours by December 21. This time of year is exhausting for those of use who chase light, even the moon appeared to be taking a rest on the mountain.

Total Lunacy

After a sunny afternoon of spring skiing in Girdwood, I decided to hang around Turnagain Arm yesterday to photograph the moonrise over the Chugach Mountains. Good thing I did, because I would later come up empty-handed from chasing the lunar eclipse. After driving home, unloading my gear and dragging my aching body into bed, I barely caught two hours of much needed sleep before my alarm woke me. I pulled myself together, grabbed my camera bag and hit the trail with a hot cup of tea in hand. I hiked out about a mile to shoot the eclipse, only to watch clouds roll in and hide the moon after I set up. C'est la vie, it was a nice night for a sleepwalk through the forest.