Seljiandsfoss Waterall

Hello from Seljiandsfoss - another of Iceland's most popular and accessible waterfalls, not to mention one that you can walk behind!

I stopped here yesterday after ferrying back to the mainland from the Westman Islands, where I had a (mostly) sunny day to conclude my brief visit to Vestmannaeyjar. There were still a few puffins on the islands but many have left for the season.

I am currently driving the famous Ring Road around the entirety of Iceland. This evening I ended up in the town of Höfn in the Eastfjords and am continually in awe of the landscape, which makes it difficult to narrow down all the ideas for next year's tour!

As always, thank you for following my journeys.




Gullfoss Waterfall

Halló frá íslandi! (Hello from Iceland). I landed in Keflavik early this morning and have been trying to reorient myself to the changes in both time and landscape. After soaking in thermal spring pools in Selfoss, I made my way over to the famous Gullfoss Waterfall - without a doubt the most impressive waterfall I have ever seen!

After Gullfoss I headed south and ended up in Hvolsvöllur for the night. Tomorrow I am scheduled to go out to the Westman Islands with a puffin & volcano boat tour on Sunday morning but the weather forecast is looking rough so the ferry may not be running.

This journey is a research mission to plan photo tours for next year. Stay tuned and, weather permitting, I'll continue to share images and experiences as I go!

Thank you,



Heritage Falls and another moose encounter...

Day 3, Crow Pass Trail with Tyler Howie, the final stretch. Heritage Falls in autumn glory. Following our encounter with two bull moose at the river crossing the night before, we set up camp at Thunder Gorge, roughly 11 miles from our destination - Friends of Eagle River Nature Center. While packing up our gear the following morning and getting ready to make the final push home, we suddenly noticed another bull moose next to Thunder Creek, staring in our direction. My first thought was the two bulls from the night before were pursuing us, until it was apparent that this was a different moose and was on the trail of a cow, both were headed down the trail toward our camp. Tyler grabbed Freija’s collar and we darted back into the brush, just in time for the two moose to charge through our campsite and down the trail in the direction we were going to be headed. Fortunately nothing was damaged, nor did we encounter them on the way out. We arrived at the Nature Center just before 10 pm after nearly 8 hours of hiking from Thunder Gorge.