Hello from Prince William Sound!

Greetings from Ravencroft Lodge in Port Fidalgo, Prince William Sound, Alaska, where I get just enough cell signal in one corner of the building to upload this photo. Our goal this morning was to swim with and photograph salmon sharks. We had one close to the boat but she didn't stick around long, so we came up empty-handed in that regard but on the bright side, there is always room for more bald eagle photos!


_CTB5607 copy.jpg

2,000 Likes on Facebook

This humpback whale image (Prince William Sound, 2014) was making a splash on my National Geographic Your Shot page last week. Speaking of making a splash, my Colin Tyler Photography Facebook page just passed 2,000 likes! I would like to thank each of you for following along and sharing my posts so that I reach a wider audience. As long as I continue to explore, create and share with the world, I am right where I need to be.




Dall's Porpoise

Another shot from last weekend - the Dall’s porpoise. If you’ve ever spent time in Prince William Sound it’s likely you saw these little cetaceans swimming alongside the boat. They are playful creatures that resemble a small orca (killer whale) and love to circle around and dive underneath the bow while you are moving, cruising along at speeds over 30 mph, which makes them a challenge to photograph. From time to time, if I’m lucky, I press the shutter at the right moment and freeze the action as one darts past.