Dall's Porpoise

Another shot from last weekend - the Dall’s porpoise. If you’ve ever spent time in Prince William Sound it’s likely you saw these little cetaceans swimming alongside the boat. They are playful creatures that resemble a small orca (killer whale) and love to circle around and dive underneath the bow while you are moving, cruising along at speeds over 30 mph, which makes them a challenge to photograph. From time to time, if I’m lucky, I press the shutter at the right moment and freeze the action as one darts past.

10-Stop Neutral Density Filter

Innovation is what separates true creativity from mediocrity, and I am always searching for means to expand my horizons and find new perspectives on familiar scenes, so I picked up a new piece of camera gear recently – a 10-stop neutral density filter - after hearing reviews from a fellow photographer. What it does, basically, is slow the light coming through the lens, requiring a longer shutter speed to make an exposure. This photograph was taken just after sunset two nights ago. Without the filter, it would have required a half second exposure but with the filter, it became an 8-minute exposure, thereby creating the smooth texture in the flowing water and the clouds streaking across the sky. I look forward to discovering more of what this new filter has to offer, stay tuned for more…

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