"Give 'em a Brake"

"Give moose a 'brake'" is the slogan we're accustomed to seeing on Alaska highways. Rounding a curve and meeting one of these giants could end poorly for both parties, and they do not always yield the right of way. 

Just a reminder on this Wednesday to watch for moose, and all wildlife, that we often share the roads with. 




New Life in the Valley

Spring is in full swing here in Eagle River Valley and new life it popping up all around! I passed by this nesting great horned owlet this morning. One of the adults was perched nearby and I could hear its mate in the vicinity as well.

Have a great weekend and thank you for following along!


Image taken with the Nikon D850.


Earth Day Solitude

Yesterday's theme was solitude. I spent the entire day hiking in Eagle River Valley without another soul around. Snow fell throughout the day, adding to my peaceful surroundings. Pictured here is Dew Lake, where I stopped on my way to search for another lake a few miles further back and across the river. I found the hidden lake, or Knob Lake, as it's named on local maps. It's a location I will revisit when the time is right, or if I just need a bit of solitude.



Earth Day 2019

Happy Earth Day 2019! This day will always remain significant to me for many reasons: https://www.colintyler.com/news/2015/4/22/from-ashes-to-adventure-one-year-in-this-big-giant-life?rq=from%20ashes%20to%20ad
In keeping with tradition on this date, I am off to explore a location that is new to me and thankfully the rain has turned to snow for my day hike excursion. I took this image last year on Earth Day in Hatcher Pass, Alaska. Exactly one month later it made the Daily Dozen at National Geographic Yourshot.



Feather Detail

After photographing this pair of swans in the same small body of water for five consecutive springs, it can be difficult to come up with new and interesting compositions. In this instance, I decided to let go of the big picture and just appreciate the exquisite detail in the feathers.

Have a great day out there and maybe try look at a familiar scene from a new perspective...



Farewell, Swans...

Fun Friday Fact: More than half of North American trumpeter swans breed in Alaska, Northern British Columbia, and the Yukon Territory during summer months. It appears that this pair has left the Nature Center and moved on toward their summer nesting grounds. Typically they stay here from 2-4 weeks and I have to assume it is the same pair that returns each spring. They're always a welcome sight and I look forward to their return next year.

Have a great weekend out there!


Bathing and preening shortly after their arrival two weeks ago.

Bathing and preening shortly after their arrival two weeks ago.

Classic Car and Horse Carriage, Havana, Cuba


I have gotten around to editing through my images from Cuba and added them to my website, if you'd like to peruse: https://www.colintyler.com/travel#/cuba-2019/.

Also, I will soon be posting my 2020 Cuba photo tours once I have worked out all the details! I will likely offer a 7-day tour as well as a 10-day tour with an optional day of yoga before going to Viñales.

Finally, I have an update on the camera gear that was damaged in the river near Trinidad, Cuba this past February. I sent it all to Nikon for evaluation and it turns out that both camera bodies and one of the three lenses are repairable. I received my D850 back yesterday and it seems to be working great! Not knowing what the status would be, I had arranged for another D850 to be brought down to me in Cuba so I now have two of them.

That is all for now. Have a great day out there and thank you for following my adventures!



Happy Unicorn Day!

It has come to my attention that April 9 is Unicorn Day (it's a real thing, check it out: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/unicorn-day/). I've said before that I believe in love, I believe in magic, and I sure believe in unicorns, which is why I was able to capture this image near Hofsós on the northern coast of Iceland last year.

Have a magical day and be sure to mark your calendars for the next big holiday - Hug a Sheep Day, celebrated annually on the last Saturday in October (also a real thing: https://happydays-365.com/…/national-hug-a-sheep-day-octob…/)



Wildlife Morning

Last week I had one of my most memorable wildlife encounters since taking up residence here at the Nature Center. I watched a bull moose cross the creek between the viewing decks while a pair of trumpeter swans was upstream and moving toward the Salmon Viewing Deck, where I was standing. Just as the swans turned a corner and headed my way, I heard something behind me and looked back to see a lynx run across the entire length of the viewing deck and off into the woods past the moose! Unfortunately the lynx didn't present an opportunity for a photo but the memory of the event will always remain with me.

All in all, it was a nice start to the day and a solid reminder of why I choose to live here!


Bull Moose crossing the creek at the Eagle River Nature Center

Bull Moose crossing the creek at the Eagle River Nature Center

Trumpeter swans at the Eagle River Nature Center

Trumpeter swans at the Eagle River Nature Center

Twenty Three Years...

Looking back, I have to wonder if penguins ever regret not developing the ability to fly. In any case, I guess it's a bit late at this point...

Happy Monday out there! Here's a tidbit of information for you - it was 23 years ago today that I loaded up my Toyota pickup and began the drive from my home state of Minnesota to my soon-to-be new home, Alaska. That was literally half of my life ago and because of that move, I have experienced more than lifetime's worth of adventures and wildlife encounters- no fooling!!