Glacier Wedding Shoot, Behind the Scenes

A few days ago I posted 3 photos from the glacier wedding portrait session I did last Saturday with Kristian Burchat and Brittni Marquezat Matanuska Glacier. The positive feedback on my Facebook Page has been overwhelming and I can't express how much I enjoyed working with this lovely couple (and their dog, Ginger) or how truly inspiring the session was. I channeled some beautiful energy that day and set out to create unique, breathtaking images.

Here are a few more photos from that day, including some behind the scenes shots to tell the story. One aspect I truly enjoy about this work is having to improvise when you're in the field. As it turns out, a large reflector serves many purposes, including a makeshift changing room.

Thanks again for following along and if you or anyone you know is considering glacier-themed portraits, please contact me!




Glacier Wedding

He hails from Australia and she, from California. Fate brought them together and love took them to Alaska. Later this year they will make their way south, eventually traveling the entire Pan-American Highway to Patagonia, the southernmost portion of South America. Yesterday I had the honor of capturing their special day in a very special location – Matanuska Glacier. This was my first opportunity to shoot wedding portraits on a glacier. While the lighting was challenging – a white dress against white ice on a sunny day – it certainly was a unique and very inspiring session. Normally, my largest lens is reserved for wildlife photography but yesterday it proved worthy as a portrait lens. I wanted the compressed look of the telephoto for a dramatic effect. Congratulations, Kristian Burchat and Brittni Marquez, and thank you for including me in this beautiful adventure called life.

On a side note, if anyone is planning a glacier wedding please contact me!