World Photography Day 2017

Happy World Photography Day, 2017! I just returned from spending the afternoon shooting wedding portraits on a glacier. On this day, I am reminded of an eagle photo I took in 1997. I was just figuring out the Nikon camera I’d received as a gift the previous Christmas & having some fun on the beach in Homer. After having the film processed and printed, I came to this image and felt a strong sense of satisfaction in what I’d captured. Looking back, I realize it’s not an award-winning photograph by any stretch, but it was enough to sustain my interest in photography, which blossomed into a passion and even more, a way of life. If I hadn’t captured this image, I may have ended up on a different path and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to earn a living creatively, let alone spend the day shooting portraits on a glacier. As always, thank you for following along. 

Gratefully yours,