Earth Day 2016

"This life ends where the world begins, if you see things now through a different lens. When you lose it all, that's when you'll win again. Chasing light, all my life, chasing light." (CTB)

Happy Earth Day 2016. This day will always hold special meaning to me, the day my life changed forever. Three years ago today my world turned upside down, the life I knew was gone in an instant. To honor this date, I went for a long hike into the backcountry - more than 20 miles - with no real agenda or goal in mind other than to appreciate the beauty that lies out my back door and reflect on the fateful day that, while devastating initially, ultimately opened up new and wonderful opportunities I'd only dreamed of.

While on my hike, I decided to search for this legendary cabin that lies far off the grid, hidden in a stand of cottonwood and spruce trees. It took some time but I found it. Success - I explored new territory and found the little cabin but most of all, I took time to reflect on the inherent beauty often reveals itself in the darkest of times. Full story below:

From Ashes to Adventure, One year in this Big, Giant Life