Subzero Sunrise

As I’ve previously stated, no matter where I go in the world, it’s always good to come home to Alaska. I walked out to one of my favorite spots this morning to catch the sunrise. The temperature when I left the Nature Center was -4˚F; it was probably closer to -10˚F where I took this photo (that’s -23˚C for my metric friends). While it certainly is a big change from what I was growing accustomed to in Australia just over a week ago (roughly 100˚F cooler), I can honestly say that I love these temperatures and would much rather have cold, clear skies than the grey, rainy winter days we’ve had the past couple of years, I only wish we had a nice layer of snow as well. When the air is cold, the valley is still and quiet and the light is dramatic. Speaking of light, from this part of the valley we will not see the sun rise above these mountains again until late January.