Leaving the Great Ocean Road, on to Kangaroo Island

G'day all! Currently aboard the ferry out to Kangaroo Island. Yesterday was a long day of driving and I am looking forward to being on the island for the next 3 days. I don't have much down time to edit or write but I have a lot to share. Wifi is spotty here, I usually have to find a cafe that offers wifi with a purchase to update my Facebook page, website, and Instagram, check emails and map out my next driving route. After my time on the island, I will drive up to Adelaide for a couple days to visit a friend and take a break from being on the road. From there, I will either head north into the Flinders Ranges to get a taste of the outback or, depending on the weather forecast and what my intuition tells me, I may venture back down to the Great Ocean Road for the remainder of my journey. Right now, the ocean is calling me back...