Waiting on a moose...

Wildlife photography involves a lot of waiting, sometimes for hours, for what typically amounts to just a few minutes or even mere seconds of shooting. During the down times, one is constantly making adjustments for changing light and any shift in an animal's behavior, to be ready for the moment when everything comes together. We stood in the cold for hours today, waiting for this massive bull moose (pictured in the background) to get up and move about, which he did just as soon as the light faded. All in all it was a good day - we got nice footage of a cow & calf in the fresh snow this morning. 

Today was my final day guiding the film crew. I have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and look forward to future endeavors. It will air on British TV next year and I hope my mates can get me a copy; I would love to see the final edit of the wildlife and scenery we've been chasing all week! Now to get ready for tomorrow's slide show & print sale - 2 pm at the Friends of Eagle River Nature Center. I hope to see you there!