Star Trails over Tahoe

South Tahoe star trails…this is the last photo I took in Lake Tahoe. After an intense two-hour hike into the mountains, I didn't want to turn around and leave right after sunset so I stuck around a couple more hours to take some night shots. There was an endurance race that weekend which began at the trailhead by Spooner Lake with 10K, 50 mile and 100 mile divisions. You can see the headlamps from the racers along the trail to Marlette Lake and the stream of light below them is from the support vehicles.


It's been a busy week - after my flight was cancelled and spending the night in Reno, I returned to Alaska last Monday evening and promptly hit the road for Kenai the next day to get my annual supply of salmon. I'm just now getting a chance to breathe and catch up on some editing.