India Presentation at the Anchorage Downtown Rotary Club Luncheon

Monday morning I was enjoying the simple life in McCarthy, Alaska, a tiny community on the edge of Wrangell St. Elias National Park that has no electrical grid, where drinking water is still gathered from a local creek. Barely 24 hours and 300 road miles later, I was in Anchorage delivering a presentation on my journey through India to the Downtown Rotary Club. My life is often unsettled and chaotic and I’m generally running on a perpetual lack of sleep, but never is it boring, nor would I have it any other way.

I’ve received great feedback from those in attendance yesterday and have also been asked to do this program for another rotary group. Just prior to taking the podium someone asked me if I was nervous. My response was that it’s not nerves, but when I share my images and experiences, especially from a place like India, I do it wholeheartedly. I feel enormous pressure to deliver a strong message to accompany my images, to convey the magic and the feelings I experienced during the moment the photograph was created. I truly enjoy public speaking and sharing what I do, and I look forward to every opportunity that comes my way to do just that.