My New Hero

Meet Dr. Beth Baker - pulmonary specialist, dog musher, adventurer, musician, world traveler, ornithology expert and all around incredible human being. She volunteers here at the Eagle River Nature Center - Volunteer of the Year in 2010, as a matter of fact, and if you were at our "Evening with the Stars" event back in February, you heard her playing the harp during dinner. On my way home from Anchorage last night I noticed a person cleaning trash on the roadside when I exited the Glenn Highway, as I drove past I realized it was Beth. Immediately I pulled over to talk with her and learned that she collects 20 bags of trash per year along this route, on her own volition. She has not “adopted” this section of highway nor does she seek recognition for her efforts, she simply does her part to make the world a better place.

So, the next time you pass a pile of trash and shake your head in disgust, maybe think about stopping to pick it up, even if it isn’t your responsibility. This planet is our shared home, and individually, we are all responsible to care for it.