800 likes on my Facebook Page and Website Facelift

A new milestone – my page has surpassed 800 likes!! Not bad for the first couple weeks after being published.

Additionally, I’ve made some big changes to the overall appearance and function of my website. I created a cover page that displays a slide show until you hit the ‘Enter Site’ button, from there you might notice I faded the background leopard image so the body text is easier to read and the image galleries no longer conflict with such a vibrant background. I will be adding a title to each image and finally, I hope to have the purchasing page up and running soon. This has been a monumental project (approaching 3 months since I began), especially for someone like myself who has no background in web design. I am learning as I go - two steps forward and one step back - but am certainly making great progress. I am pleased with the results thus far and will continue to make improvements and additions as I go.

Thank you all for your unwavering support, for sharing my site and Facebook page, and for appreciating what it is that I do best – exploring, creating and showing the magic of the natural world. Please continue to share with your friends and let’s see if we can hit 1,000 likes in the near future!!

Much love,


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