New and Improved

Friends, I am very excited to share with you the new and improved

After shelving the project for years due to a lack of time and resources, I finally purchased a template and began building the new site just before the New Year. Completing this has been a monumental task. After editing through thousands of images, I ended up selecting nearly 400 for display. Each one had to be color corrected, re-sized, watermarked and uploaded individually.

This project is not 100% complete by any means. I will be adding a gallery of wedding images, a bio and a payment page for purchasing prints. I also plan to tweak a few things - fading the background image while scrolling through galleries, for example. For the time being, I am happy to have an updated online gallery once again, something I haven’t had for far too long. I am confident everything else will come in its own time, as it should. As with any creative project I embark on, it will remain a work in progress, always open to further edits and improvements.

Thank you for staying tuned and appreciating what I do. Please take a look at the new site, let me know your thoughts, message me if you have any suggestions and by all means, share it with your friends. I will be publishing a Facebook page for Colin Tyler Photography soon as well.