Success! All 25 prints sold in less than 3 days...

Well, that concludes the first edition of "December Sunrise" prints. All 25 signed and numbered 12x18" photographs have been purchased in less than 3 days! Thank you, once again, to everybody who purchased a print or helped spread the word to make this a successful promotion. Congratulations to Don Twyman, for getting print #1 and to Shirley Galvan, who just bought #25. As I stated on Tuesday, the proceeds from the 25th and final print of this run will be donated to the Children's Lunchbox of Anchorage.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from CTP!

PS - I will be delivering most of the prints to buyers in the Anchorage/Eagle River/Chugiak areas. The rest will be shipped out when my poster tubes arrive, which should be the middle of next week.