New Logo

I’ve recently spent a good deal of effort designing a unique, impactful logo for my images, something symbolic and representative of my work as a wildlife photographer. Rather than download a piece of clipart, I wanted to create something original. After some thought, it occurred to me that I had the perfect symbol tattooed on my right shoulder – the paw print of my cat Spike, whom I lost 3 years ago. With a fair amount of digital time and equal parts determination and frustration, I was able to extract a silhouette by working off a photo of the tattoo. You can view the new logo in the bottom of this tiger image; also significant as this was the first tiger we saw in India and where I left Spike’s ashes. While traveling in India, locals would ask if my tattoo was that of a tiger. Sometimes I would explain the story behind it, but often I would just smile and nod in agreement, because Spike truly was a wildcat at heart. If you look closely, you might notice that the print is not exactly symmetrical; it is this slight imperfection that makes it the perfect tribute, in my opinion, and proves it was not downloaded. I could have corrected the symmetry, but then it wouldn’t match his print.

Now that I’ve created the logo, I will be updating the images on my website and Facebook page. Please let me know your thoughts on the design.