Cold Rain and (finally) Snow!

If you live in south central Alaska, you might agree that we've had some interesting, albeit obnoxious weather recently. After a couple days of rain on top of ice, which prevented me from being able to drive home on Monday evening, we've got a bit of snow on the ground again. If this continues I might actually be able to dust off my skis for the first time this season.

Be safe and stay upright out there!


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Happy New Year and Reflecting on 2017

Looking back, 2017 was a very transformative year - physically, mentally, spiritually, and beyond. I guess you might say this was the year that personal wellbeing became more of a priority than a luxury. Since last winter, I’ve almost completely given up alcohol (I’m not on the wagon, just a lifestyle change) and my diet has become almost entirely vegetarian, with the exception of seafood and occasional wild game that friends have shared with me. As a result, I no longer experience heartburn or acid reflux, an issue that bothered me for years; I’ve lost over 30 pounds and I am more dedicated to and focused on my yoga practice than ever before. It feels as though I’m building a foundation and preparing for a big journey ahead. At this point I have no travel plans for 2018, however I do hope to return to India next winter to explore more of the country, photograph tigers again, and possibly attend a 4-week yoga school in Rishikesh. When I return I could be a certified instructor, not that I’m looking for a career change but I would love to have the knowledge. The lesson I keep hearing is to stay open to opportunity and trust that I am on the right path and will remain so.

All the best for 2018 and beyond, my friends.

“I’ll ride the wave where it takes me. 
I’ll open up, release me.” (EV)



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2017 Winter Solstice Sunrise

Happy Winter Solstice from Eagle River Valley, Alaska! Mother Nature sure gave us a beautiful morning to welcome the return of the light. The sun rose at 10:14 am today and will set at 3:41 pm, providing us with five hours and twenty-seven minutes of daylight. Six months from now, on June 21, we will be basking in more than nineteen hours of light. Have a great day out there and remember; it gets brighter from here! I will be spending the evening at my favorite place in Anchorage, Namaste North Yoga Studio, to perform 108 sun salutations to honor the return of the light.

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2017 Winter Solstice Ice Lantern Walk

This past Saturday was the annual Winter Solstice Ice Lantern Walk at the Eagle River Nature Center. Unfortunately, the hundreds of ice lanterns that had been made by staff and volunteers did not survive the recent warm temps. Nevertheless, the crew stepped up and made luminaries of both white paper bags and reflective aluminum. Despite the lack of ice lanterns, the event was still a success. The performance by AK Fire Circus was dazzling as always, and the sights were awe-inspiring.



December in Minnesota

I arrived in Minnesota last week where winter is making a late appearance. A few days of low temps (uff-da!) has the lakes creaking and groaning as new ice forms. Meanwhile, the Midwest sunsets never disappoint. It's great to be back in my homeland for a few days to visit family & friends, make lefse with Mom, and explore the land that bore me.



Cyber Monday 2017

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Thank you for following along and have a safe and happy holiday season, wherever you are in the world. Feel free to share this post!


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November Aurora

We had a bit of aurora back in the valley last night. I made it out to capture a few frames before the activity subsided. With temps hovering around zero, I didn’t take long for any exposed skin to freeze but on the bright side, the moisture from my breath sure filled up the light beam from my headlamp.

Have a great holiday and thank you for following along,



Frozen Salmon

I walked out to one of my favorite spots along the river this morning. Surprised to find it nearly frozen solid, I decided it was an opportunity to turn my camera away from the big scene and take a closer look at the rapidly changing river. As a true testament to the season, frost flowers have returned and there was a salmon completely encased in ice.

Have a great Monday out there!



Providence Medical Staff Ball

A big thank you to the staff at Providence for having me photograph the 2017 Providence Medical Staff Ball at the Denaina Center on Saturday, November 4. It was a lovely event that I truly enjoyed documenting. Here are the images from that night for attendees to peruse.

I look forward to doing this again next year! 


Foggy, Frosty, Monochrome Morning

Not all the world is a sunny day and with apologies to Paul Simon, not everything looks worse in black and white. It's been quite foggy in the valley the past few days, creating an ethereal mood in the frosty mornings that is perfect for monochrome images.

Also, if you venture out to the Eagle River Nature Center, the Albert Loop Trail has reopened for the season, which is where I took this earlier. The glacier has stopped melting and you will notice how the water is clearing as the silt is carried downstream. 

Happy Friday, have a great weekend out there!



November Sun

The sun is sinking lower on the horizon every day now. In just a few weeks it will drop behind those mountains until late January, at which time it will appear for a few minutes a day, staying a bit longer with each pass and bringing the promise of spring. Alaska is a land of extremes, just like those who seek to embrace every season it has to offer. 

Happy Thursday,



Happy Halloween

Auroras often take on unique shapes while transforming overhead in what is known as a corona. Mirrored images resembling a butterfly or angel wings are common, as are human and animal faces. This is probably why ancient cultures used mythical accounts involving deities and spirits to explain what we now understand is the result of solar particles colliding with gas atoms in the upper reaches of earth’s atmosphere.

Despite having this knowledge, watching images take form across the sky is no less magical and how you interpret them is completely subjective. With a bit of luck, we may have an opportunity to do some cosmic gazing in the next few days as a solar wind approaches earth. In the meantime, I am curious if you see any recognizable shapes in this photo? Share your interpretation in the comments.

Happy Halloween! Have a fun and safe holiday out there









Aurora Borealis Article

I was hoping for a good aurora borealis display last night but alas, the lights did not cooperate. If earth's magnetic field doesn't shift far enough south, lights stay low on the horizon and are not visible back here in Eagle River Valley as we are surrounded by the Chugach Mountains. Since I have no new images to show, you may enjoy this short article about chasing auroras. I was recently interviewed by Melinda Munson of Tripod Communications for this piece. If you'd like to learn some of the basic science behind the northern lights and view some of my best images from over the years, follow this link:

Happy Aurora Chasing!